School for Human Rights in Brooklyn featured by Associated Press

Dear Colleagues,

The Brooklyn-based School for Human Rights is featured in an article by
Associated Press, the global news network. A combined middle and high
school, The School for Human Rights offers an integrated academic and
social skills-based curriculum to challenge its students to think
critically and become compassionate, socially engaged young adults
committed to the practice of equity, dignity and social consciousness.

Associated Press writes: "The School for Human Rights is one of nearly 150
'small' public schools that opened through special initiatives in New York
City in the last three years. While it's normal to find human rights
discussed in schools (a segment on the Holocaust is a classic lesson) a
whole academy built around the concept is rare. This one is being watched
carefully by groups such as Amnesty International USA and Human Rights
Education Associates, which have long sought ways to influence educational
curricula and were involved in the school's planning."

Human rights values are evident not only in classroom teaching, but in the
school’s commitment to meeting the educational needs of every student and
practices such as 'discipline with dignity.' “On any given day, students
in the Brooklyn school tackle topics ranging from colonialism to the
United Nations”, according to Associated Press. “Administrators look for
ways to make the human rights framework apply to more than just class
discussions. Teachers in all subjects try to link to the human rights
theme. Students may track census data on poverty in their neighborhoods as
part of math class or read heart-wrenching novels about genocide for
literature credit. The school also brings in speakers and takes the
children on field trips that deal in some way with human rights issues.”

"We're not teaching the kids what to think, but to think," Principal Kevin
Dotson said, adding that for some topics, it requires some "scaffolding"
first. "We don't just hit sixth graders with 'Let's talk about torture

You can read the full article on-line:

The school, currently in its second year, consists of grades six, seven,
nine and 10, and will add more levels annually to fit its designation as a
sixth through 12th grade institution. It has about 300 students, most of
whom are of Caribbean descent. Admission is open to students across the
city, but most come from the neighboring areas.

Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) is proud to be the lead partner
of The School for Human Rights by supporting teachers and other staff with
resources and professional development.

To learn more about the School for Human Rights visit:

Kind regards,

Jessamyn Waldman


Jessamyn Waldman, Program Associate
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)
School for Human Rights
600 Kingston Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11205
Phone: (718) 771-4793
Fax: (718) 771-4815


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