1000 Women for the Nobel Peace Prize 2005

Dr. Betty A. Reardon, Founding Director of the Peace Education Center and
the academic concentration in peace education at Teachers College Columbia
University and of the International Institutes on Peace Education, is
among the 1000 women recently nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.

The group nomination, as noted in the attached press release, calls
attention to the significance of the unrecognized daily, on-going work for
peace of millions of women throughout the world.

In addition to her nearly fifty years of professional work in peace
education, Reardon has for more than thirty years been an activist in the
international women's peace movements. Many of her peace education
publications such as "Education for a Culture of Peace in a Gender
Perspective" have focused on the essential relationship between gender
equality and peace. She has as well been active in the disarmament
movement and it the development of disarmament education, as well as the
human rights movement and in the development and dissemination of human
rights education.

Her global peace education work, based on cooperation with peace educators
in all world regions is being carried forward by the Peace Education
Center through its International Network of Peace Education Centers, its
consultancy services and peace education training of educators in various
venues around the world. Several other nominees currently have work in
cooperation with the Center.  Among them are Dr. Loreta Castro of the
Philippines, Olena Suslova of Ukraine, Rela Mazali of Israel, Suzuyo
Takazato of Japan, Sister Mary Soledad Perpinan of the Philippines, Lalita
Ramdas of India, Sakena Yacoobi of Afghanistan and Betty Burkes and Cora
Weiss of the United States.

Further information about the Center and its projects is available at

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