US Human Rights Network invites submissions for its magazine

Dear Friends,

I would like to call your attention to an ongoing opportunity to
contribute to the print newsletter magazine for the US Human Rights
Network. The main website for the Network, which contains updated
information on human rights-related actions and events in the US and
opportunities to join caucuses on specific themes, such as education, can
be found at

Hoping that you are enjoying your summer,

Felisa Tibbitts
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA)


The US Human Rights Network invites submissions of unpublished articles,
essays, interviews, etc. for its print newsletter magazine. Submissions
should be related to Human Rights themes in the following areas:
Health, Discrimination, Economic and Social Rights, Sovereignty,
Education, Workers Rights, Criminal Punishment, Death Penalty and Human
Rights in general.  They may be written in English and/or Spanish

Submit contributions, not to exceed 3-4 pages, by September 31, 2005.
Submissions should be typed and double spaced, preferably using
Microsoft Word. Bibliography and footnotes should follow the current
Chicago Manual of Style.  Please enclose a cover sheet with your
professional affiliation, address, telephone number, and email address.
Send submissions (on disk) via mail to: Janvieve Williams C, US Human
Rights Network; 659 Auburn Ave NE Unit 205; Atlanta, GA 30312. And via
email attachment to:

The editorial staff reserves the right to accept or reject
contributions.  Works published in the US Human Rights Network
Newsletter Magazine are the intellectual property of the author.
Contents, research techniques, style, and all other aspects of the
submission are the exclusive responsibility of the author.

Felisa Tibbitts, Director
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) - USA office
PO Box 382396
Cambridge, MA 02238
(tel) +1 978 341 0200 (fax) +1 978 341 0201
(e-mail)  (Web)

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