Global TeachNet Announcements for June 2, 2005

This week's postings:

1. Global Concerns Project from Concern Worldwide

2. Global Learning Portal

3. Berkana invites you on Learning Journeys to Africa and India

4. PIER Summer Institute at Yale

5. Summer Courses in Peace Education

Ellen Frierson
Global TeachNet Intern
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1. Global Concerns Project from Concern Worldwide

Posted by request:

The Global Concerns Project is a curriculum that aims to teach and
energize high school students about current international issues. It is a
practical debate program to strengthen high school studentsí communication
and consensus building skills, to inspire them to create meaningful and
innovative ways to voice their opinions and take action for international
causes. It includes a network of involved schools committed to thinking
critically and exploring new perspectives on world issues.

Concern provides participating schools with print and online materials
about a compelling topic. Issues are chosen based on the current global
climate and the interests of teachers and students. Current issues include
sanctions, womenís rights, HIV/AIDS, child labor, hunger, water, and
education. Student Modules are provided for each issue, including
information about the issues using maps, images, graphs, quotations,
statistics, references and web links. Modules engage students and connect
the issue to their lives through challenging questions, discussion
starters, thought-provoking quotations and proverbs, and case studies.

GCP also provides Teacher Resources for each issue, which contained
focused and current information about each topic and region. The resources
also include suggested lessons and activities related to the topic that
emphasize debate and critical thinking. The teaching and learning
resources are adaptable, and can be used in a variety of ways: as a
stand-alone curriculum, to integrate into an existing curriculum, or to be
used to guide an after-school club or program.

Currently, the Global Concerns Project is only operating in high schools
in the New York City and Chicago areas. There is no cost to schools to
participate. If your school or a school you know of is interested in
participating in the Global Concerns Project, please contact:

Jane Fossner
Education Coordinator
Concern Worldwide, U.S.
104 East 40th Street Room 903
New York, NY 10016
212-557-8000 ext. 23
Visit for more information.

2. Global Learning Portal

Posted by request:

In 2002, the Academy for Educational Development (,
with the support of the United States Agency for International Development
( and Sun Microsystems (, began
developing the Global Learning Portal (GLP) in response to the Education
for All goals.

GLP uses the Internet to help you participate in global communities of
educators without ever traveling abroad. By joining the GLP, you and your
colleagues around the world can share and collaboratively develop
education-focused resources such as lesson plans, reports and case
studies. GLP members can create personal profiles so that users find
colleagues around the globe who are interested in collaboration. They can
explore education-related topics through discussion forums and work
together on projects.

GLPís primary goal is to test the effectiveness of using a global web
portal to improve the quality of education in resource-scarce areas of the
world. In the first two years of the project, GLP will implement pilot
activities with local educationists, schools and NGOs in five partner
countries: Brazil, Ethiopia, Nicaragua, South Africa, and Uganda. The
portal is initially being developed in four different languages- English,
French, Spanish and Portuguese. GLP hopes to foster partnerships with
content providers and eventually expand its program to offer materials in
Arabic and Mandarin Chinese.

For more information, please visit

3. Berkana invites you on Learning Journeys to Africa and India

>From the Friends of International Education Listserv (Wisconsin):

A Learning Journey is an opportunity to discover the new forms of
leadership emerging beyond our own communities. We believe the rest of the
world has something essential and important to teach us about leadership.
With Margaret Wheatley and the pioneers who started these initiatives as
our hosts, we travel together to visit the people and places who are
engaged in the world's most critical work.

November 2005 Learning Journey to South Africa and Zimbabwe: October 31 to
November 11, 2005. On this journey, we will meet and learn from
extraodinary pioneering leaders who are helping communities develop the
skills of self-reliance.

February 2006 Learning Journey to India: Swaraj, or rule over oneself, is
inspired by Gandhi's call for people to lead and create their own models
of development that are holistic, sustainable, collaborative and socially
just. In the Berkana Exchange's first Learning Journey to India, we will
explore how pioneering leaders are creating new ways for communities to
care for themselves.

March 2006 Women's Journey to South Africa and Zimbabwe: Discover the
extraordinary contributions that women leaders are making to the future of
southern Africa. Meg Wheatley and The Berkana Institute offer this
life-changing experience to women to support your own strength and resolve
as a leader. We know that you will be inspired, challenged and revived,
able to lead in new and powerful ways.

To find out more about these learning journeys, and about how to begin a
custom learning journey for your organization or group, please visit

4.  PIER Summer Institute at Yale

>From the Friends of International Education listserv (Wisconsin):

Understanding Globalization: Focus on South Asia
July 11-16, 2005

Is globalization good or bad? Are there winners or losers? The PIER
International Affairs 2005 Summer Institute will examine globalization in
terms of geography, history, and the cultural, social, political, and
economic institutions of the global community.

The focus on India reflects its growing political and economic influence
in the world. In particular, we will look at how globalization has
impacted the world's two biggest democracies, India and the United States.
At the same time, we will explore and experience the rich culture,
history, and contributions of the world's second most populous nation
through lectures, activities, including a field trip to New York City. The
thematic approach coupled with a world regional focus make this institute
ideal for primary through post-secondary educators in a variety of

PIER International Affairs is currently accepting applications for its
summer institute, Globalization: Focus on South Asia, July 11-16, 2005 on
the beautiful Yale campus. Register now to ensure space!  For more
information go to

Janet Headley
PIER Director, International Affairs
Yale Center for International and Area Studies
Henry R. Luce Hall
34 Hillhouse Avenue
P.O. Box 208206
New Haven, CT 06520-8206
Phone:  203-432-3429     Fax:  203-432-9886

5. Summer Course in Peace Education

Coordinated by the Peace Education Center
Teachers College, Columbia University

Democratic Education Through Critical Pedagogy

Dates: July 8, 9 and 15, 16
Fridays 4:00-9:00 pm, Saturdays 9:00 am-6:00 pm
Available for 2 credits, non-credit, or 3.0 CEUís. Non-credit fee: $400
This course is available to both TC and non-Teachers College students.

This course will offer theoretical and practical knowledge of the basic
concepts of critical pedagogy: "banking " education, culture of silence,
empowerment, praxis, generative themes, libratory education critical
consciousness, etc.  It will expose the students to the main theories
related to critical pedagogy.  It will present examples of educational
projects for social change from different parts of the world.
Participatory methods will be implemented and make use of students
knowledge and experience in education to enhance new learning.   We will
also explore the powers of teachers to influence and bring about change
via education.

NON-CREDIT Students:
To register for our trainings or workshops, please contact The Center for
Educational Outreach & Innovation (CEO&I) at 800.209.1245 or by email:

For further information, please visit us on the web at:
Or contact us by phone or email: / 212.678.8116


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