Global TeachNet Announcements for May 20, 2005

This week's postings:

1.  Spring 2005 issue of WorldView magazine to focus on HIV/AIDS Pandemic

2.  AWAIR: Arab World And Islamic Resources Teacher Workshops

3.  New Global Issues and Sustainability Textbook

4.  Globalize your Classroom and Experience Uzbek Culture Firsthand

5.  Join iEARN Teacher Professional Development Online courses

**Correction: Last week, we gave the wrong link to the lesson plan to
accompany the State of the World's Mothers 2005 Report. The link to that
lesson plan is: The link
we gave,, is for the lesson plans to
accompany WorldView's Special Issue on HIV/AIDS (see below!).

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Ellen Frierson
Global TeachNet Intern
National Peace Corps Association

1. Spring 2005 issue of WorldView magazine to focus on HIV/AIDS Pandemic

WorldView, the NPCA's quarterly magazine, announces its first special
issue, dedicated to the topic of HIV & AIDS. Leaders of the global fight
against the growing AIDS epidemic argue for new and smarter strategies for
beating the fatal virus. Consider the views of Peter Piot, Jeffrey Sachs,
Laurie Garrett, Steven Radelet, Allen Moore, Gaddi Vasquez and many more.
Read of the brave efforts of Peace Corps volunteers and former volunteers
now working for NGOs among nations with the highest infection rates in the
world. Witness the price African communities have paid through images from
Gideon Mendel's "Broken Landscape: HIV & AIDS in Africa." Learn more about
a pandemic's spread to China and India.

For related teaching suggestions for classroom or community use, go to Coming soon:  for additional AIDS
reading, see WorldView's new online service at All paid Global TeachNet subscribers will be
receiving this special issue of WorldView in the mail soon!

2. AWAIR: Arab World And Islamic Resources Teacher Workshops

Posted by request:

AWAIR: Arab World And Islamic Resources conducts teacher workshops/staff
developments all across the US, under the sponsorship of The Middle East
Policy Council - and ALL costs are covered. Consult either website for
details: or .

Workshops are conducted by Audrey Shabbas. Here is the schedule through
September 2005 (the number indicates the number of workshop conducted
during this calendar year - Audrey has conducted 23 already in 2005!)

24-25:  June 17, 21- Anchorage AK - Myrna Clark, Supervisor Visual Arts
Program and Curriculum and Instruction, Anchorage School District, 1016
West 6th Ave. 4th floor, Anchorage AK 99501; 907-742-4845;

26-27:  July 6-7 - Sacramento CA - Sue Coughlin, California State
University at Sacramento; Mimi Coughlin, Ph.D, California State
University, Sacramento, Department of Teacher Education, 6000 J. Street ,
Sacramento, CA 95819-6079, 916-278-4080, 916-278-6643 (fax),,

28-29:  July 27-28 - Cambridge MA - Barbara Petzen, Center for Middle
Eastern Studies, Harvard University, Coolidge Hall, 1737 Cambridge St.
Cambridge MA 02138; 617-496-1002; 617-501-7957 cell;; Holiday Inn Dedum 781-329-7900

30-32:  September 22-24 - Las Vegas NV - Herbert Thompson, Geographic
Alliance of Nevada; 702-799-3835X202; 702-454-3960;;

3.  New Global Issues and Sustainability Textbook

Posted by request:

"It's All Connected: A Comprehensive Guide to Global Issues and
Sustainable Solutions"

To purchase or preview this new textbook, please visit

Facing the Future's NEW advanced student textbook, "It's All Connected: A
Comprehensive Guide to Global Issues and Sustainable Solutions," is the
ultimate resources for teaching about global issues and sustainability.
This 150+ page, full-color text is fully referenced and includes
compelling photos and graphs, a comprehensive glossary, and units on:

*Getting Started With Global Issues
*Understanding Population and Carrying Capacity
*Meeting Essential Human Needs: Food, Water, and Energy
*Environment: Biodiversity, Forests, Oceans, Air, and Environmental Justice
*Quality of Life: Culture, Health, Education, and Human Rights
*Building Sustainability: Governance, Economic Development, and Peace
*Possible Futures and Sustainable Solutions

Facing the Future's curriculum materials can be ordered online at or by calling (206) 264-1503.

Kim Rakow Bernier, Outreach Director
Facing the Future: People and the Planet
811 First Avenue, Suite 454, Seattle, WA 98104
T 206 264-1503   F 206 264-1506

Facing the Future: People and the Planet is a Seattle-based non-profit
organization founded in 1995 to bring global issues education to middle
and high schools. The organization researches and writes global issues and
sustainability curriculum materials that meet national education
standards; provides professional development training to teachers on
global issues, sustainability, and service learning; and helps schools
integrate global issues across their curricula. Facing the Future: People
and the Planet curriculum is in use in 47 U.S. states and 27 countries by
teachers and students in grades 5-college and across multiple subject

4. Globalize your Classroom and Experience Uzbek Culture Firsthand

Posted by request:

Looking for a unique way to add a global element to your classroom
curriculum? IREX is pleased to announce an exciting opportunity for you!
School Connectivity for Uzbekistan, a program funded by the US Department
of State and administered by IREX, promotes cross-cultural online
collaboration between schools in Uzbekistan and the United States.
Participating US teachers will have a chance to be selected for a two-week
professional visit to Uzbekistan in March 2006. This trip is a wonderful
way to bring a firsthand perspective on Uzbek culture to your classroom
while building a relationship with a partner school in Uzbekistan.  To
learn more about getting involved in the program, please write to Cheryl
MacLean at

For more information about School Connectivity for Uzbekistan, please
Note: This trip is contingent upon final approval of funding through the
US Department of State.

5. Join iEARN Teacher Professional Development Online courses

Posted by request:

*Need to learn how to open your classroom to the rest of the world? *Want
to see your students in your class working on a project in
collaboration with students an ocean away?
*Interested in sharing the joy, challenge and excitement of the teaching
profession with your peers anywhere in the globe?
*Eager to figure out what your next professional development endeavor will

Join us in our 9 - week online teacher professional development courses!
Why? Because:

*You'll learn how to globalize your classroom using technology
*You'll learn how to integrate a Standards-based International
collaborative projects into your curriculum without the pressure of adding
more into the curriculum
*You'll chat on a daily basis with teachers around the world and share
*You may earn professional development credentials from your state as well!

The next session of iEARN's following eight different online courses will
start on September 12, 2005:
- Creative arts
- Creative writing
- Social studies
- Science, Environment, Math
- Teaching Foreign and Second languages
- Helping Students cope with Trauma
- Learning Circle

Visit: http://www.IEARN.ORG/professional/index.html to read more about
each course and register. Make a choice of the course you'd like to take
before you take off for the summer!

For more information, contact Otgo at:  or
Losira at:

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