Fourth R Winter 2005 issue

Dear listserv members,

We would like to announce the Winter 2005 issue of the Fourth R, Amnesty
International's magazine for human rights education (HRE) in North
American classrooms and learning communities.

This issue explores how HRE improves schools and encourages activism,
featuring a conversation with Howard Zinn.  As always, we've included
resource listings, educator perspectives and lesson plans for grades 4-12.

To view the Fourth R online, visit:

For hard copies e-mail: <>.

We hope the content of the FOURTH R reflects your needs and interests in
the classroom. Please contact us with your own ideas and experiences.
We'd love to hear from you!

In solidarity,

Wendy Jacques, e-mail:
Amy Prince, e-mail:
Co-editors of the "Fourth R"

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