Free child rights and protection resources

We all agree, there is a need for an increase in the quality, amount, and
depth of human rights education taught domestically and globally. At Youth
Advocate Program International we also believe that there is a need to
educate people about real world issues to provide context to the
continuing, even growing need for rights education.

Our organization focuses specifically on the child rights and protecting
children from exploitation and victimization. Anyone interested in using
our summaries <> , booklets
<> , education modules
<> (course guides on these issues for
teachers and other educators) or our other materials on these issues for
the purpose of human rights education or any non-commercial purpose, may
do so free-of-charge.

If you need our assistance in your effort, feel welcome to contact me

Most sincerely,

Patrick Schoof

Patrick J. Schoof, LL.M., M.Sc.
Director, Youth Advocate Program International
4545 42nd Street, NW, Suite 209
Washington, DC 20016  USA
Phone: 202-244-1986
Fax: 202-244-6396

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