Teacher training on child labor (Iowa City, Jul 26-27, 2004)

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Training Conference on Child Labor
July 26-27, 2004
The University of Iowa

The UI Center for Human Rights (UICHR), in collaboration with the Child
Labor Coalition, American Federation of Teachers, the UI College of
Education, UI Labor Center, and the UI International Programs will host a
two-day training on child labor at the Sheraton Hotel in Iowa City, Iowa.

Poster announcement, application, and other relevant information are
available at http://clri.uichr.org/ (go to "Projects" section) or by
calling (319) 335-3900 if you have trouble downloading materials.
Teachers selected for this training will receive funding to cover travel,
accommodations, and meals for the full two days.

The UICHR received funding from the U.S. Department of Labor to implement
a multi-faceted Child Labor Research Initiative (CLRI).  The initiative
encompasses eight major projects, one of which involves developing a
series of curriculum materials on child labor that is to be disseminated
nationally by fall 2004.  Our goals are to provide training opportunity
for educators to promote the teaching of child labor in middle and
secondary schools, promote dialogue between teachers, children, and
experts from the U.S. and developing countries.

This training will also provide teachers with modules on major aspects of
child labor: child slavery, child soldiers, trafficking of children for
sexual exploitation, and children and hazardous work.  Education and
training will be conducted by child labor experts from Africa, Asia, Latin
America, and the United States.  Teachers will also be able to participate
in roundtable discussions with educators who have already incorporated
child labor into their classroom curriculum.  And most importantly, youth
leaders will speak out and share their vision of a world without abusive
child labor.

Teachers have always been important catalysts for social transformation.
This truly is a wonderful opportunity for educators to make a difference.
All interested teachers teaching 5th grade and above are encouraged to
apply by Friday, April 30, 2004.  Approximately 25-30 teachers from across
the U.S. will be selected for this fantastic opportunity.

If you have any question about this training opportunity, please do not
hesitate to contact:

Chivy W. Sok
Deputy Director, UI Center for Human Rights (UICHR)
Project Director, Child Labor Research Initiative (CLRI)
300 Communications Center
The University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242
email:  chivy-sok@uiowa.edu
tel:  (319) 335-3857 (direct) or 335-3900 (UICHR)
fax:  (319) 335-1340 or 335-0280
web sites: http://clri.uichr.org/ and www.uichr.org

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