Re: Seeking to meet with human rights educators in Boston and DC (Nov. 10-14, 2003)

For Americans, particularly younger students, I would think it useful to
link human rights internationally back to national concerns, so that human
rights is not something happening 'back then', 'out there' or in the
developing world.  For example, current U.S. international trade laws and
negotiations greatly inhibit the abilities of others to access drugs for a
number of illnesses - most poignantly, AIDS.  There are groups in the US
who are presently fighting these realities (e.g. HealthGAP), I would think
several in the Vermont area (and I know they are in NYC).  You might try
emailing them to see if they could meet with students.

HIV/AIDS is not the Holocaust, and I don't mean to suggest it is.  But in
developed countries, wretched transgressions of human rights seem to
happen in more mundane, bureaucratic fashions (now THERE is a tie to the
Holocaust), with many small actions rather than grand ones.  And in
deprivations as much as impositions: thus the seeming difference between
Economic and Social rights and Political rights (the former deprivations,
mostly, the latter impositions).

Kelly Scott

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Jen Ciardelli wrote:

>My name is Jen Ciardelli, and I teach a Holocaust and Human Behavior
>class at a high school in Vermont.  Part of this elective semester long class
>of 11th and 12th graders is to travel to DC and Boston to meet with
>survivors, scholars and others on the topic of the Holocaust.  In
>addition, we also explore issues including education (why and how should
>we educate when we consider that Germany was such a well educated nation
>at the time...), civic responsibility (what is my responsibility to
>those around me), concepts of justice (what is it and "how is justice
>We also consider the "Never Again" idea and think about the role of the
>U.N and the concept of human rights in our current world.

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