Richard Pierre Claude wins the APSA Best Book Award 2003

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we inform you that Richard Pierre Claude, a
renowned human rights activist and educator, has won the "Best Book Award,
2003" from the Human Rights Section of the American Political Science
Association (APSA) for his book "Science in the Service of Human Rights."
This book uses a human rights framework in exploring ethical questions
abounding in the field of modern science, including health and medical
ethics, information technologies and statistics. Moreover, in his book
Professor Claude strongly supports the role of education and training in
promoting human rights among scientists and scientific methods among
activists. The book can be ordered on the Web at

A syllabus of the university course "Science in the Service of Human
Rights" is available in HREA's on-line Library:

We are honored that Professor Claude serves on the International Advisory
Committee of HREA and that he allowed us to publish his training manual
"Popular Education for Human Rights." This book is available in multiple
languages and can be downloaded from the HREA site at:

All of us congratulate you, Professor Claude!


Felisa Tibbitts, on behalf of the HREA staff

Felisa Tibbitts, Director
Human Rights Education Associates (HREA) - USA office
PO Box 382396
Cambridge, MA 02238
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