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First Steps: A Manual for Starting Human Rights Education

First Steps was developed The manual is directed towards teachers with 
little or no experience in teaching human rights. The resource is divided 
into several sections, including the background for human rights education; 
tools for teaching human rights (including teaching methods, lesson 
development, evaluation and organisation of training seminars); sample 
lessons; key human rights documents; and other resources for promoting 
human rights education.

The model lessons contained in the manual are taken from a variety of 
sources and are used to illustrate various methodologies and topics for 
human rights education. First Steps is conceived as a learning tool for the 
teacher as well as a resource for organising activities in educational 
settings. The main purpose of the text is to familiarise teachers with the 
basic principles and approaches of human rights education and to give them 
tools for the development of their own lessons and teaching skill.

* First Steps: A Manual for Starting Human Rights Education (London: 
Amnesty International, 1997). Languages: Dutch, Albanian, English, 
Hungarian, Russian, Slovak, Slovenian, Ukrainian. Keywords: teacher manual, 
secondary school level, lesson plans, Universal Declaration of Human 
Rights, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Central and Eastern Europe. 


New additions in weeks 16-31 May 2002:

* All Different, All Equal education pack (Strasbourg: Council of Europe,
Year of publication: 1996). Language(s): Dutch, English, French. Keywords: 
lesson activities, secondary school level, high school level, intercultural 
education, tolerance education, informal education, Council of Europe.

* Human Rights Education in Asian Schools. Volume 5 (Osaka: Asia-Pacific 
Human Rights Information Center, 2002). Language(s): English. Keywords: 
curriculum development, methodology, human rights education programming, 
text development, primary school level, secondary school level, teachers, 
higher education, research, evaluation, training of trainers, racism, 
India, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, South Asia. URL:

* Training Manual on Human Rights Monitoring (New York/Geneva: United 
Nations, 2001). Language(s): English. Keywords: manual, human rights 
monitors, monitoring, international humanitarian law, UN Charter, 
International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, International 
Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, Geneva Conventions, right 
not to be arbitrarily deprived of life, right to personal integrity, right 
to liberty and security of person, administration of justice, freedom of 
opinion and expression, freedom of association and assembly, freedom of 
movement and residence, right to property, right to housing, refugee 
rights, women's human rights, children's rights, rights of the child, right 
to development, Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, United 
Nations. URL:

* Youth Challenge: Teaching Human Rights and Responsibilities (Canberra: 
Australian Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, n.d.). 
Language(s): English. Keywords: lesson plans, secondary school level, 
teachers, citizenship education, discrimination, rights of the disabled, 
women's human rights, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Australia. 


New courses added:

* 2nd Annual Educators Meeting. A Gender Perspective
Dates: 15 -17 August 2002
Level: professional
Focus: Annual meeting of the peace and human rights education programme 
with several hands-on workshops. Working language is Spanish.
Location: Pátzcuaro (México)
Deadline of application: --
Organisation: Universidad Autónoma de Aguascalientes, CREFAL

* Child Rights and Participation Course
Dates: 16 September-11 October 2002
Level: professional
Focus: The course pays extensive attention to the methods practitioners 
need to ensure childrens' participation and voice in development projects 
and processes.
Location: Swansea, Wales (United Kingdom)
Deadline of application: --
Organisation: Center for Development Studies/University of Wales Swansea

* 2003 Human Rights Advocates Training Program
Dates: January-May 2003
Level: professional
Focus: The Human Rights Advocates Training Program at Columbia University 
is designed for experienced human rights workers seeking to: (a) develop 
their advocacy skills; (b) study international human rights; (c) meet 
colleagues from other parts of the world; and (d) become better acquainted 
with international human rights organisations.
Location: New York (USA)
Deadline of application: 1 August 2002
Organisation: Center for Human Rights Studies/Columbia University

* An Introduction to Advocacy
Dates: 5-16 August 2002
Level: professional
Focus: This two-week course provides hands-on experience in designing and 
evaluating an advocacy campaign based on individual programmatic 
objectives. The course focuses on advocacy for policy change.
Location: Nairobi (Kenya)
Deadline of application: --
Organisation: CAFS

* Seminar on International Humanitarian Law for University Teachers
Dates: 9-14 September 2002
Level: professional
Focus: This seminar will cover humanitarian international law, relevant 
aspects of human rights law and international criminal law applicable in 
international and internal armed conflicts (including topics such as 
historical development, types of conflicts, the law of Geneva, the law of 
The Hague, prisoners of war, occupation, humanitarian assistance, customary 
law, war crimes and responsibility), the place of humanitarian law in 
general international law and teaching methods.
Location: Geneva (Switzerland)
Deadline of application: 10 July 2002
Organisation: International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), University 
Centre for IHL/Geneva University


* African Centre for Democracy and Human Rights Studies (Gambia) [in 


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