CRC 41th session: Committee holds informal meeting with States parties on methods of work

UNITED NATIONS Press release


Committee on the 
Rights of the Child 
17 January 2006

The Committee on the Rights of the Child this morning held an
informal meeting with the States parties to the Convention on the
Rights of the Child on its methods of work. 

During the meeting, the Committee informed the States parties of its
experiences with the new method of work for the examination of the
reports of the States parties, commencing with the current session,
namely the holding of two simultaneous and parallel meetings in order
to be able to take up the reports of two countries in the same day.
The representatives of some States inquired how the Committee
intended to ensure that its work would remain coherent, in particular
with regards to the need to maintain an equitable geographical and
gender repartition of its members. An Expert noted that, from
preliminary results, the new working method allowed for an improved
interaction with the delegations, and that the first results were

The debate also focused on the current reform of the examination of
reports and their submission, and of the oversight of bodies created
by international human rights instruments. The Chairperson, Jacob
Egbert Doek, said that the Committee had already expressed its
concerns with regards to the idea of one single treaty body, which
would dilute the specificity of each treaty. There was another
solution that had already been proposed, he said, which was an
alternative to the dissolution to the seven currently-existing treaty
bodies and the creation of a single body, and this would be to
establish a bureau made up of the seven chairpersons of the existing
treaty bodies, with the role of coordinating the work of the seven
bodies, and of ensuring greater coherency among the concluding
observations. Several speakers intervened to support the idea of a
true reform of the treaty body system. Mr. Doek underscored that
there was no single solution to the problems encountered. Regarding
follow-up to the concluding observations of the Committee, Mr. Doek
said that if some bodies had put in place follow-up procedures, the
Committee had neither the capacity nor the time required to do so. 

At its next public session, on Wednesday, 18 January at 10 a.m., the
Committee will take up the second periodic reports of Hungary
(CRC/C/70/Add.25), and Lithuania (CRC/C/83/add.14). 

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