HREA offers self-directed e-courses, tutored e-learning courses, training workshops and blended learning programs for a range of professional groups, including human rights defenders, development workers, humanitarian workers, educators, legal professionals, law enforcement officials, social workers, health professionals, and media professionals.


HREA offers self-directed e-courses and tutored e-learning courses in the following 13 areas:

Armed Conflict, Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
Children’s Rights, Child Development, Participation and Protection
Communications and Advocacy
Corporate Social Responsibility, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights
Environment, Human Rights and Sustainable Development
Financial, People and Project Management
Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment
Governance and Human Rights
Human Rights Policy
Human Rights in Education
Human Rights in the Administration of Justice
Human Rights, Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Aid
Migration and Asylum

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Training Workshops

Each year, HREA organises training workshops around the globe. These workshops provide participants with practical skills they can use to promote and protect human rights.

Annual training programs include:

Four Freedoms Summer Program
Advocacy Institute

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Human Rights Campus


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