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Site Map

Learning Center

    • Human rights advocacy
    • Human rights monitoring
    • ICTs for human rights work
    • Project development/management
    • Research & evaluation
    • Rights-based programming
    • European human rights system
    • UN human rights system
    • Leading to choices
    • Human rights advocacy (Arabic)
    • Human rights advocacy (Russian)
    • Human rights monitoring (Arabic)

    • The rights of refugees
    • Protecting human rights in Europe

  Study Guides
    • Children's rights
    • European human rights system
    • Ethnic and racial minorities
    • Right to food & water
    • Freedom of assembly
    • Freedom of expression
    • Freedom of movement
    • Right to adequate housing
    • Inter-American human rights system
    • International humanitarian law
    • Rights of persons with disabilities
    • Refugee rights
    • Right to culture
    • Right to a family
    • Right to life
    • Slavery and forced labour
    • Sexual orientation and human rights
    • Sustainable development
    • Rights of the aged
    • UN human rights system

Resource Center

    • Bibliographies
    • Curriculum and methodology
    • Newsletters and periodicals
    • Policies and regulatory frameworks
    • Research and evaluation
    • Primary school
    • Secondary and high school
    • Higher education/Pre-service

    • Armed forces
    • Business
    • Health professionals
    • Human rights monitors
    • Journalists
    • Judges and prosecutors
    • Law enforcement officials
    • Lawyers and paralegals
    • Prison officials
    • Public officials
    • Social Workers
    • Teachers
    • Unionists
    • Community leaders
    • NGOs
    • Women

    • General reference
    • Human rights treaties

    • Global HRE List
    • Huridocs-Tech
    • North American HRE List

    • Global Directory of Human Rights Educators
    • Annotated Bibliography of HRE Materials
    • Global Directory of Organisations

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  UN Decade for HRE



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