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Policy & Advocacy

Making every girl, boy, woman and man aware of their human rights and empowering them to claim them is what HREA and its partners set out to do.

HREA assists governments yet at the same time holds them accountable to provide citizens with education in human rights.

Success Stories

Over the past 18 years HREA has reached more than 18,500 educators, human rights defenders and humanitarian workers in 131 countries through our training programs and other capacity building efforts.

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Director’s Blog

Frank Elbers
Frank Elbers
06 | 17 | 15

Yesterday the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva held a panel discussion on realizing the equal enjoyment of the right to education by every girl, which focused on a broad spectrum of situations and obstacles that girls faced when accessing

News & Events

06 | 30 | 15

HREA and the University College Roosevelt (UCR) will co-organize the 6th International Human Rights Education Conference in Middelburg, the Netherlands on 17-19 December 2015. “Translating Roosevelt’s Four Freedoms to Today’s World” is the theme of the conference. In 1941, at