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International Institute of Human Rights, 36st Study Session

4 July 2005 - 29 July 2005

This course emphasises both substantive norms and teaching methods. Offered in English, French and Spanish. Includes introductory classes on the international human rights protection system and workshops on specific themes such as the UN system of human rights protection, African, Inter-American and European systems of human rights protection; international humanitarian law. The theme of the 2005 course is the international protection of the rights of women.

Level: professional , graduate

Location: Strasbourg, France

Participants: advanced students in law, political science, human and social sciences, professors and researchers, members of the legal professions and any other profession related to human rights, national and international civil servants, members of non-governmental organisations

Tuition, fee, lodging: Registration fee: 630 Euro; costs of accommodation: 225 Euro.

Contact Information:
International Institute of Human Rights
2 allée René Cassin
F - 67000 Strasbourg
Tel: +33 388 45.84.45
Fax: +33 388 45.84.50

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