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Case studies: Schools implementing HRBA

Writing on a blackboard (source: Jean-Jacques Milan)Numerous schools worldwide have succeeded in implementing a human rights-based approach to schooling. As we have mentioned, your own approach to HRBA should be adapted to fit the particular needs and interests of the communities that your institution serves. HREA encourages you to peruse the available information that follows of successful HRBA to schools to help formulate your own conception of a human rights-based approach.

The Hampshire County "Rights, Respect, and Responsibility" HRBA Model (United Kingdom)

The Hampshire County HRBA initiative stands out as particularly successful. Based on the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Rights, Respect and Responsiblity initiative serves as "a framework for a whole school ethos, and for teaching and learning". Check out the Primary Curriculum File for an outline of ideas and activities for introducing rights, respect and responsiblity into the school. Also see the Secondary and General sections for documents related to curriculum planning and school implementation.

HRBA in New York City Public Schools (USA)

See Katarina Tomaševski's article, From the Outside Looking In: Changing New York City's Education Through the Human Rights Approach, for an overview of how the HRBA can positively affect American urban education.

Other Organisations Implementing HRBA in Schools

The National Economic and Social Rights Initiative (NESRI) also provides a fantastic guide for Building a Human Rights-Based School System in New York City (USA). NESRI has actively worked with the New York City schools on building a human rights-based approach to education.

Cape Breton University Children's Rights Centre
In 2001, the Children's Rights Centre in Canada designed a children’s rights education initiative that came to inspire many other HRBA models.

LIFT OFF—Cross Border Human Rights Education Initiative
This Amnesty International Ireland initiative is a wonderfully kid-friendly approach to human rights education. Check out this animated website for some great HRBA ideas.

Human Rights in Education
This initiative in New Zealand, "is a collaborative initiative aimed at developing New Zealand schools and early childhood education centres as communities that know, promote and live human rights and responsibilities".

Aflatoun Child Savings International
This organisation, based in the Netherlands, is dedicated to providing rights-based education to children, and recognizes them as "powerful agents of social and economic change".

Escuela Nueva Foundation
According to Hampshire County, Escuela Nueva Foundation "does not use explicit human rights language, though it can be argued that in practice, it incorporates the imperative not only of rights in education but of the right to education". This is a Spanish-language site.

UNICEF’s child-friendly schools campaign fosters schools that provide safe, healthy and productive environments for children, serve as epicentres for community improvement, and promote human rights.

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