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Insights into practice

Human rights education (HRE) practitioners have a wealth of knowledge - based on experience that can be tapped on to improve the quality of HRE. Successful HRE involves:

  • the design of trainings and educational programs that draw upon learning theory supported through research;
  • a commitment to universal principles of HRE such as the promotion of knowledge, attitudes, and skills that can lead to personal freedom and social transformation; and
  • the adaptation of learning programs to the learner and her learning environment.

"Insights into Practice" is a platform for human rights educators to share with one another strategies for successfully implementing training and education programs. These insights do not come from studies but from the real-life, cumulative experiences of trainers as they reflect on practice.

HREA invites practitioners to reflect and share their experiences, with generosity of heart and mind, with other human rights educators worldwide. Your contribution should be completed on-line. HREA staff will work with contributors in finalising documents.

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