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Perspectives of Research on Human Rights Education
Author(s) Felisa Tibbitts and Peter G. Kirchschlaeger
Publisher Journal of Human Rights Education 2(1), September 2010
Place of Publication Luzern
Year of Publication 2010
Language(s) English
Keywords article, research study, human rights education, research & evaluation
Description This article overviews some of the available research on human rights education (HRE), subdivided into three main categories: theory of HRE, implementation of HRE, and outcomes of HRE. The article illustrates that there is an increasing literature base for HRE, based on traditions such as critical pedagogy, comparative education studies, world polity theory, textbook and curricular analysis, school change, classroom studies, adult learning, transformative learning and youth development. Following the presentation of key results, the authors propose that future research might continue in the same vein while at the same time concentrate more fully on impact-related evaluations.
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