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Human Rights Education in Formal Education: Lessons Learned from the Rights Education Action Programme
Author(s) Amnesty International
Publisher Amnesty International-International Secretariat
Place of Publication London
Year of Publication 2010
Language(s) English
Keywords brochure, evaluation, lessons learned, formal education, primary school, secondary school, human rights education, World Programme for Human Rights Education-First Phase (2005–2009)
Description This four-page brochure summarises lessons learned from the "Rights Education Action Programme" (REAP) around formal education. REAP is a human rights education initiative led by Amnesty International Norway and implemented for ten years in ten countries around the world. These lessons are: develop partnerships with ministries of education and other authorities to ensure the full effect of human rights education initiatives; create strong and diverse teacher training programmes and support systems to strengthen the multiplying effect of teachers’ work; adapt human rights education resources to your country or area by addressing relevant issues and using participatory methodologies.
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