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Learning to live together. Design, monitoring and evaluation of education for life skills, citizenship, peace and human rights
Author(s) Margaret Sinclair in collaboration with Lynn Davies, Anna Obura and Felisa Tibbitts
Publisher Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ)
Place of Publication Eschborn
Year of Publication 2008
Language(s) English
Keywords guide, policy makers, school administrators, formal education, primary school, secondary school, citizenship education, curriculum development, peace education, text development, tolerance education, human rights education, peace, research & evaluation, UNESCO
Description In this guide, the authors focus on strengthening the curriculum dimension known as education for learning to live together (LTLT), which incorporates areas of life skills, citizenship, peace and human rights. The authors first argue for a holistic view of this dimension and for appropriate teaching-learning processes. The guide then offers suggestions for monitoring and evaluation processes related to traditional and pilot schools, as well as to a larger system-wide approach. The authors also suggest the importance of building monitoring and evaluation of LTLT/life skills into curriculum and textbook development, teacher training systems and national education monitoring systems. The guide is meant for use in any national or cultural system, including post-conflict areas where resources and trained teachers may be scarce. The guide is addressed primarily to policy-makers and curriculum planners in national education ministries or NGO programme managers. Educators working in diverse settings may also find it useful, if they are concerned with the contribution that education can make towards peace, active citizenship, respect for human rights, and life skills including HIV/AIDS prevention.
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