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A combined middle and high school, The School for Human Rights in Brooklyn offers an integrated academic and social skills-based curriculum to challenge its students to think critically and become compassionate, socially engaged young adults committed to the practice of equity, dignity and social consciousness. Human rights values are evident not only in classroom teaching, but in the school’s commitment to meeting the educational needs of every student and practices such as 'discipline with dignity.' HREA is proud to be the lead partner of The School for Human Rights and supports teachers and other staff with resources and professional development.

Letter to the student's parents by Principal Kevin Dotson about the success of the first year of the school PDF file

Interview with 9th grade Social Studies teacher Latoya Massey (Article 26, Amnesty International-USA's Human Rights Education Newsletter, October 2005)

Paula Lettiere, 4th year English Language Arts teacher, reflects on year one at the School for Human Rights (Article 26, October 2005)

The Importance of Collaboration: How You Can Support the School for Human Rights (article by Jessamyn Waldman in Article 26, October 2005)

What it means to have a “school-based approach to human rights education” and a “human rights-based approach to schooling” (article by Felisa Tibbitts in Article 26, October 2005)

In September 2005 the School started its second year of operation and will have well over 180 students. The School can look back at a successful first year with teaching practices that infuse human rights and extra-curricular activities like film festivals, workshops with human rights defenders, and celebrations of international days such as Holocaust Memorial Day (Yom Ha-Shoah). The School is funded in part by a grant from New Visions for Public Schools, an education reform foundation dedicated to improving the quality of education in New York City's public schools. To continue to offer high-quality education The School for Human Rights needs your support too!

Your donation will go towards:

  • the strengthening of the after-school program
  • additional computers for staff and students
  • field trips.

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